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Why is it important to get verified?

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The main task of verification is to confirm your identity and protect financial transactions in your personal office. But this process has several other important advantages:

For investors

After verification, you will have access to all the methods to top up your account: by card, cryptocurrency or bank transfer. This will help to make an investment in a convenient way from most countries.

The main thing is that with verification, you will be able to register shares to ownership and receive an extract in your personal office that confirms that you have become a co-owner of the project.

For partners

After verification, you can join the SWC partner program and receive a reward for each person who makes an investment using your referral link.

But please pay attention: remuneration will be accrued only if the attracted investor has also passed verification. That should be done before registering an offer.

With the help of verification, you also can

— Transfer funds to other members of your personal office.

— Withdraw funds from your personal office.

If you or a member of your partner team have not passed verification yet, please use the instruction on how to do this:

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